Stelios G. Karageorgiou

“… As the years go by I feel, more and more, that what my father left me was not a business but a set of values and ideals, a heritage passed on to me not through words on a piece of paper, but through drawings and pictures, through an aesthetic that lives and breathes just like its people, those who created it and those who live with it every day in their homes.
In 1934 my father, George Karageorgiou, created a furniture workshop in Kypseli. In those days, the centre of Athens was a workshop in itself, brewing the creative forces of society… It was the time that, in Europe, society, revolutions and imminent wars gave rise to arts, techniques and architecture…
When I was born, all this was stories, told by all things handmade. That’s what my father’s furniture spoke of. They weren’t just utilitarian objects, they were stories; they had a pulse and, most of all, they had respect for people, quality and love for the craft.
I learned all this as a child, during those endless hours my brother and I spent at my father’s workshop and, later, in the showroom.
That’s where I found out about the world, where I developed, learned to connect people with the things they chose for their homes. Much more than a mere sales technique.
Even several decades later, on my own by now, I wonder whether I chose this line of work or whether, in fact, it chose me. When the business passed into my hands, times had changed.
We moved premises and created our showroom & factory in Psyhiko, in the north of the city, felt more spacious, somehow: it had room for both ourselves and our ambitions. The business grew. But much, thankfully, stayed the same.
The work we do with a piece of furniture or a space has always been driven by truth, by quality.
Relationships with people were and still are what we’re all about.
For me, good work is based on quality and feeling. People will understand high prices, but they will never understand bad quality. They will never forgive it. That’s the difference between price and value. We have always built on value.
Clients are a reflection of society. We always listen to our clients, respect them, and that’s how we’ve managed to be part of this society for all these years. We have “hereditary” clients, parents bringing their children and then their grandchildren. We’ve created their homes for generations and we’ve forged relationships for life, bound together by honesty and values.
We have always preferred to invest our advertising funds in personal relationships, simply because we believe that everyone is different, they have different aesthetic values and different perceptions, and it takes time and money to build something unique for each and every client.
We are not exclusive to the wealthy. Our work, after all, is a testament to good taste, not wealth.
This is why we have been welcomed into so many homes in Athens, small and large, making our mark with a single piece, or working with the architects to design the space from scratch.
And it’s why we never look at a project in terms of invoices, but in terms of the happiness it brings to the people living in the space we have created.
When Greek clients travel abroad, they have access to products and aesthetics of a very high standard, and it’s our duty, as professionals, to be in position to offer them the same when designing their interiors.
Our portfolio of furniture, textiles, accessories and upholsteries is made up of major brands and acclaimed designers.
People and brands that share our passion and who, over the course of the years, have become almost like family.
We stay true to our ideals. We have been tried and tested and have now consciously placed ourselves in the service of creativity, through uniqueness and quality. It is true, after all, in this life, that a difficult victory is worth much more than a fleeting moment of glory.”

“We believe in people first, that’s the difference between price and value. We have always built on value.”