Interior design

The Karageorgiou company has an experienced in-house interior design team, but also welcomes architects, interior designers and decorators that collaborate with its clients. We equally enjoy working with them whether it is for the purchase of a single piece of furniture, or for the design of a specific room or even an entire residence. In all these cases we assist in researching on the project, estimating costs and answering all possible questions. We never rely solely on pieces that are easily available but prefer to personalize our work. To achieve this, we spend a great deal of time on research, looking for that specific, rare and unique piece that can make a difference. It could be a piece designed exclusively for you by us, or an amazing antique, or a modern piece found in an international showroom in Milan, or even in a flea market. The sources are endless but we remaim always focused on our clients’ tone of voice, on their desires, needs and budget. This, we respect above all.

Feel free to call and book an appointment so we can design a home that reflects your personality better than anything else. We only feel we have succeeded in our work and completed a project when the signature on a new residence is yours exclusively and we have merely been your silent partners in successfully interpreting your lifestyle and taste.