Eleana Karageorgiou

“The most thrilling game in life and in art has always been to strike a balance between things, materials, colours and textures that, at first glance, appear incompatible… It might sound hard, but that’s exactly how architecture, and life itself, work. For our eyes to take a picture in, they first break it down into pieces, and then put it back together so that it makes sense. The same is true in our lives, when we’re called upon to combine the old with the new, what we like with what we’re asked for…
It’s all about a harmonic coexistence of contrasts. That’s the most magical part of our work. Architecture, interior design, furniture design and manufacture, art, gastronomy, music: they all share that same principle. The same creative challenge.
In creativity, after all, challenge and complexity are fundamental principles of composition.
A vintage furniture, a modern home, a dark room, a bright idea; an inherited living room that we love but find a bit oppressive…
A fusion of materials, objects and different pieces to create a unique solution. Objects have their stories, just like the people who own them.
Our father taught us to respect both.
Everything has its own vibration; if you pay attention and tune into the vibrations of the colours, you are immediately led to matching textiles, upholstery.
An “old piece of furniture” only needs to be given the opportunity to tell you its story, to place itself in your hands and be revived, so that it can then hold its own next to any ultra-modern designer object. It’s a delightful game that we share with both our clients and our technical department, where, just like a real operating room, objects are brought back to life, breathing new life into the daily routines of their owners.
In our work, the first thing you learn though daily experience is that, as much as you like to think of yourself as an artist or a creator, the true “protagonist” is the person who will live in your creation…
That’s how balance is achieved. We can take old furniture and existing spaces and redesign them, or create something from scratch, combining styles and techniques, materials and colours, processes and ideas, depending on our clients’ desires. The possibilities are endless. And special projects have always been our favourite creative challenge…”


Eleana Karageorgiou graduated from Boston University School of Management with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. She then completed her studies with an Architectural Interior Design degree from the Inchbald School of Design.

“I love mix ‘n’ match. It’s both an art and a technique, it’s the time we live in, it’s the timeless part of fashion in everything, including interiors and furniture.”
Eleana Karageorgiou