Aspa Karageorgiou

“My dream is that people never feel impeccable aesthetics are inaccessible. We do not sell ready-made solutions; we don’t expect our clients to adapt to the space, to learn how to use the furniture. The space and the furniture, the accessories and the colours are their habits and their desires, translated into objects for they everyday use.
First of all, we want to get to know our clients. We don’t ask. We observe as they go though their everyday lives, picking up on their aesthetic values. We then process that, and tell them their story not in words but in furniture, textiles, objects, colours, carpets, works of art… And the first step to all this is to gain their trust.
That happens, initially, as soon as they feel we have understood what they want, how they envision their space. Next we propose a number of alternatives, through surveys, samples and models, giving them several choices that correspond to their aesthetic requirements. We commit, from the start, to keeping within the budget we have agreed on. The choice, the final picture as it develops through our proposals, is theirs; on our part, we need to be flexible and never violate the value for money principle that is inherent in the products and services we offer.
This human and honest approach is not about the budget, and it never has been. Besides, it is a well-known fact that, whether we like it or not, style can neither be bought nor sold.
Our portfolio includes projects in small, rented apartments, where our creations can move as easily as their owners. It includes small apartments all the way to large houses, private yachts and office spaces, in Greece and abroad.
Our aim, however, is always the same: that when we’re gone, those who use the space feel like they wouldn’t want to change a thing, because it’s exactly as they’d imagined it.
We don’t sell furniture or, more to the point, we sell much more than that. What we offer is a happy and functional existence in a home made for those who live in it.
It’s an idea, dressed up in colours, materials, shapes and light…
And good ideas always need good company and strong emotions.
We inscribe our ideas in living spaces, as others express them through flavours or musical notes… At our office, we always offer a cup of coffee and sweat treats to those who come to us seeking the truth of a space made with love and knowledge. We welcome them all, and our door is always open…”


Aspa Karageorgiou-Papagelis graduated from Chelsea College of Art & Design with a Bachelor of Arts in Interior & Spatial Design. She then completed her studies with a degree in Interior Decoration from the Inchbald School of Design.

“I am fascinated by creation that begins with a blank sheet of paper; that’s the moment when creativity knows no limits. A blank sheet of paper and a clean slate: in other words, creativity and trust guide me to make spaces where happiness lives in style.”
Aspa Karageorgiou